“Creating philanthropy through tournaments”

Today’s global sports industry is worth between ($480 – $620 billion), which is comprised of sports teams, leagues and federations. Live sports events in particular offer a compelling proposition to different industry participants – from broadcasters seeking viewers, advertising revenues looking for loyal subscribers, to sponsors moving away from traditional media, event organizers, athletes and spectators.

Across the world, we are seeing a convergence between sports, entertainment, and the philanthropic world when it comes to the luxury consumer. Really innovative philanthropy in today’s financial world takes concepts that can be sustainable even after the initial giving has taken place.

So how can MRI Tournament Partners create value in a very lucrative, structured sports market away from the typical sports value chain and give back to the community in which they participate.

MRI Tournament Partners has a unique approach when it comes to philanthropy and the amateur tournament sports market. We identify, design and develop amateur tournament models that appeal to the luxury consumer that participate in their sport only on a recreational level, but want the venue of a professional event with a high stake payout and a sustainable philanthropic component.

We do this by aligning the interests of the amateur sports enthusiast appealing to their philanthropic side, by participation in one of our many tournaments, their dollars will go towards building Philanthropic Institutes that will create continued sustainable giving on a global scale.

MRI Tournament Partners brand is unlike no other out in the market place and will create a bottom-line value for both the sports enthusiast and the communities that host our tournament.

  • James IV Invitational

    In the spring of 2014, the James IV Invitational will host its inaugural team Pro-Am golf competition in Las Vegas. More Info

  • Celerite Chase

    The Celerite Chase is a celebration of the automobile and automobile culture to be held once a year. More Info

  • Zephyrus Classic

    The Zephyrus Classic is a tournament held in celebration of the traditions and elegance of dressage. More Info

  • King Darius Classic

    In the sport of polo, amateurs and professionals regularly play together and against each other. More Info

  • Argile Hunt

    The Argile Hunt is an international tournament held on an annual basis. More Info

  • Battledore Plaque

    The Baltador Plaque is a tournament designed to celebrate Badminton’s rich history of competition. More Info

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